I am not now

nor have i ever been

represented by a respected gallery

in New York, London , Los Angeles or Anywhere...I would like this situation to change in 2017

Tempus fugit ars longa vita brevis


We will be exhibiting our work :

PALM SPRINGS Desert Arts Festival ...

February 18-20 Francis Stevens Park

March 4,5 Francis Stevens Park

BORREGO SPRINGS Circle of Art .......March 18,19

...... we marbleize objects and papers

by dipping them into oil paint floated on water

Then we combine different patterns

to create interesting earrings , necklaces, bracelets..

.NTKS (Nairobi Tony & Kathy Stewart )

ink on paper


This poem was written in memory of my own mother "

my mother was an ocean, my mother was a sea, my mother was a blue sky, spreading sunshine over me.

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These two poems came to me while I was painting.....

The expulsion and extermination

Of the native population

Was accomplished

While democracy flourished

the artist must be willing to go into the deepest part of the heart

and report back from the furthest reaches of the spirit......

Poem for the fyi



disinformation :

These are the 3 formations.

" truth eludes us if we do not concentrate our attention totally on it's pursuit.

But even while it eludes us, the illusion of knowing it still lingers ...."

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